Golden Healing, Part 4

Today, we worshiped together to celebrate the Christmas holidays approaching. We also honored Pastor Ray.

The livestream, Women of Worship Christmas Concert.

I brought my painting, Golden Healing, the one that I prepared just for tonight. I had just enough time to convey the basic idea of my woman, prostrate in response to God’s presence, as golden rain from heaven is falling upon her. With it comes healing. Anything not of God’s design releases from her through the tears she’s shedding. The golden rain from heaven is God’s glory… each drop filled with God’s love and power. It is so overwhelming. She can’t contain herself. She and the Lord become one; she in Him, and He in her. She is hidden in Christ. She is safe in Christ. There is no other place she wants to be. There is no other place where she feels this free. There is no other place where she is this understood; this accepted; this, loved, this whole. She wants to be with Him forever. Forever and always.

What it looks like now (still not done.)

Golden rain is pouring from heaven.
She needs some refining still, but the basic concept is there…Looks like I need to fix that left arm.
I invited others to the table to do worship and art with me. This is Elizabeth (left) and Shaz (right). A lady named Megan painted to the right.
Elizabeth and Shaz.
Working on the woman.
I’m laughing at Corinna trying to take my photo.
This is what it looked like at the end of the event before adding some shadows to the golden rain.
Jesus showed up!!! I mean that I didn’t put him there, even though it’s my painting. He just showed up in my pour, but I didn’t notice him until tonight!! God does stuff like that all the time with my art. He sneaks stuff in there!
Jesus, more up close.

Tonight, after I got home, I tried to accentuate the rain a bit more by adding some shadows before more clear gesso. I left my supplies at church, and I will work on refining it a bit more tomorrow.

I saw a golden key falling in the rain, which I want to emphasize more as well. Coincidentally, my friend Kari gave me the key of David from her trip to Israel as well tonight. I think the timing is significant!!

I want to add some rain puddles at the bottom, where the rain droplets are splashing into the water. I will probably add some tiny words here and there, and possibly a scripture.

You can see the painting’s progression below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3:

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