Collage Fodder for 02.20.23

I’ve been pushing myself to get in my art studio to make just a little art no matter how tired I am. I usually get home late, and am exhausted. Today, I got home around 8:30pm. I decided I should make collage fodder. In fact, I did make a little art earlier in the day,Continue reading “Collage Fodder for 02.20.23”

Catch up post: Emotional Landscape art from the past month.

Emotional Landscape art is just the art I make to help me relieve stress, and just because sometimes I need a little art expression without a big commitment to a larger or more developed piece. Sometimes, these will be started as example art to teach a technique at work or made if the group hasContinue reading “Catch up post: Emotional Landscape art from the past month.”

Car Drive

Cassandra’s Gofundme Car Drive Update as of 01/13/23. The Honda Fit is no longer available. My Pastor wants to keep this up and running for one more week. After that, I will close out the GoFundMe and probably delete this post. We’re going to wait to see what we have by next weekend, and thenContinue reading “Car Drive”

Golden Healing, Part 4

Today, we worshiped together to celebrate the Christmas holidays approaching. We also honored Pastor Ray. The livestream, Women of Worship Christmas Concert. I brought my painting, Golden Healing, the one that I prepared just for tonight. I had just enough time to convey the basic idea of my woman, prostrate in response to God’s presence,Continue reading “Golden Healing, Part 4”

Thanksgiving Turkey!

I’m working today, but it’s a fun day! Today we are making turkeys!! I did a lot of prepping for a potential of 72 patients at a psychiatric hospital. Keep in mind that some people come into the hospital for suicide or self-harm, so it is not safe to have a whole bunch of peopleContinue reading “Thanksgiving Turkey!”

Art process: Digital work in progress…

This is a digital work in progress. I don’t like it yet, so I’ll keep working. I started by making a digital painting in Coral Painter 19 and then I added three different artworks of mine (including an alcohol ink painting, an acrylic painting, and a mixed media) and more digital paintings. It’s a littleContinue reading “Art process: Digital work in progress…”

A Day of Leaves

I went out collecting fall leaves in the neighborhood today. I brought the outdoors inside at the psychiatric hospital today! I let them touch and smell the leaves, and we made art with it. I had 3 bins like this for 4 groups throughout the day. Each group could potentially have up to 15- 20Continue reading “A Day of Leaves”