Change is Here

I did most of this last night and added the word, “change” to it today. This was made in response to receiving new pan pastels, a set specifically made for portraits with 20 different colors. One of the gifts that I received when I was licensed as a minister on October 1st, was a $200Continue reading “Change is Here”

Weird Is As Weird Does

I was in a weird mood. I kind of let loose. This kept changing. I think I needed to vent. I just let the alcohol fall where it wanted for part of the time. I splattered. I dripped. I worked and worked, and worked. I overworked. I destroyed and put back together. It changed aContinue reading “Weird Is As Weird Does”

Never Give Up

This painting titled “Never Give Up” only took a day or two to finish. This is an example of what I call my “emotional landscape art.” Its art I make just for fun, or to de-stress, or express feelings with no particular objective in mind. These “emotional landscape” art pieces are made intuitively and spontaneously.Continue reading “Never Give Up”

Psalms 102 Ministries: PTSD Diagnosis and Recovery: A Personal and Spiritual Perspective, Part 2.

This is part 2 of a 5 part series. The page to the series can be found here: PTSD series. Part 3 will be on Sept 24, 2022. This teaching, part 2, is a continuation of my previous teaching on PTSD. In this video I talk about the beginning stages of recovery with personal examplesContinue reading “Psalms 102 Ministries: PTSD Diagnosis and Recovery: A Personal and Spiritual Perspective, Part 2.”

Psalms 102 Ministries Workshop. Spiritual Warfare with a New Heart: Addressing Battle Fatigue.

Abstract Approaches, Lesson 1, Part 1

Art class: Abstract Mojo. Abstract Approaches, Lesson 1, Part 1 I’m taking a new art class called Abstract Mojo with Tracy Verdugo. Off and on over the last 2 weeks I have been working on the first lesson which is really a free lesson, called Abstract Approaches. This lesson is not really part of theContinue reading “Abstract Approaches, Lesson 1, Part 1”

If I were a landscape

If I were a landscape, there would be a lot to take in; it might seem to be confusing at first and even a bit bewildering. There would be odd juxtapositions in the landscape; things you wouldn’t expect to go together and even contradictions. There would be a complex cityscape intermingled with a vast expanseContinue reading “If I were a landscape”