Golden Healing, Part 4

Today, we worshiped together to celebrate the Christmas holidays approaching. We also honored Pastor Ray. The livestream, Women of Worship Christmas Concert. I brought my painting, Golden Healing, the one that I prepared just for tonight. I had just enough time to convey the basic idea of my woman, prostrate in response to God’s presence,Continue reading “Golden Healing, Part 4”

The Father’s Love

The Father’s Love. This was a comissioned piece made on October 16, 2020.

Stamp of Approval

The art:  This was made with watercolor pencils, oil pastels, and tissue paper on September 15, 2022. Prize Ribbon: When I asked God about this one I immediately noticed the stamp in the center of the circle. I noticed also that the circle looks like a prize ribbon that awards people for good performance. IContinue reading “Stamp of Approval”

Safe in the Storm

I made this one in preparation for my next PTSD workshop which will occur on Sept 24th. It’s made of alcohol inks. Drawing is not my strong point, but I just went for it. I do need to get better at these types of things and more confident. Normally, I labor over something like this,Continue reading “Safe in the Storm”