Door of Hope

Door of Hope, digital mixed media. Created on 04.09.21

There may be updates to this later as God speaks to me more about it. I’m kind of tempted to do more digital work. This is a mixed media collage. Digitally, I just did did auto color adjustment and enhanced the contrast. I added the “Juno” filter from Instagram. It might be fun to do more with this, but its growing on me like it is.

Door of Hope- poem

Push through

Keep your eyes on me

Don’t look back.

Oh you weary child,

You’re a new creation

in a new season.

The old has passed away.

Press forward.

The hour is at hand

For your new land

is unfolding before you.

It awaits

It is taken by faith

Push through

Every obstacle,

Every delay.

Nothing can stop my plans.

You’re birthing the promises.

Don’t give up.

The hour is at hand.

You’re almost there. 

The door is before you.

Walk through.

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