The House of Cards is Falling

I woke up to a series of prophetic dreams this morning. I was drifting in and out of sleep, but each time I entered sleep the Lord would utter a phrase to me. I would wake up to jot it down only to fall asleep with another phrase. This went on for four different phrasesContinue reading “The House of Cards is Falling”

Divine Order

About the art: I made two new collages yesterday and the day before when I did collage with my art therapy groups (the first one is above and the second one is below further down in the reading.) I needed to show the patients how to put the collage pieces on and how they couldContinue reading “Divine Order”

The Overflow

The Overflow, 8×10 mixed media. Created on June 6, 2020. For prints go here to Fine Art America. The Overflow. The painting consists primarily of alcohol inks with a black sharpie, white painter pen, and oil pastels added. This painting is in response to a vision/dream that I had Friday morning on June 5, 2020Continue reading “The Overflow”

Storm and Shift Coming

Prophetic dream, November 11, 2019: Tornado followed by crisis, major shifting, and God’s people working in unity to solve the crisis. I will post the dream first then any insights I have about it. If you get any additional revelation feel free to post. The dream which occurred on November 11, 2019: My daughter andContinue reading “Storm and Shift Coming”