I created this digital abstract art piece for my first PTSD workshop in a 5 part series through Psalms 102 ministries. As I teach and preach, I incorporate my own art work as illustrations. If you give God your trauma, He can reconnect the pieces of your broken life, create meaning out of your tragedy,Continue reading “Convergence”

Golden Promise

It’s coming along. This image is strictly digital. It may or may not be done yet. I’m not sure. I do like it. Go here for earlier versions. version 1 and Version 2.

Mixed media skins and digital art: Golden Promise, version 2, in progress

Below is the digital art I’ve been working on called Golden Promise. This is really version 11, and even more if you count all the inbetweens, but I’m counting this only as version 2. I end up with so many saved versions of my digital art that I have to make a separate folder, justContinue reading “Mixed media skins and digital art: Golden Promise, version 2, in progress”

Breaking Forth

This is a digital art piece entirely (I believe). It’s made from a combination of Coral Painter, Photoshop, and Synthetik Studio 5.5. I added the angel and other elements such as butterflies to a previous digital work I called, “Something Wonderful” (below) and also continued to add to it digitally. The angel was found onContinue reading “Breaking Forth”

Hanging in the Balance

Prophetic word on 11/27/22. To some inside the church and outside the church: God says, I see you. I see you. I see you standing there, wondering, waiting, questioning. Wondering about my goodness. Feeling discouraged. Feeling lost. Feeling broken. Feeling abandoned. Feeling like nothing is enough. Feeling crushed by the forces of darkness. Wondering whereContinue reading “Hanging in the Balance”