More collage fodder and experimentations!

I’ve been at it again–making collage fodder, that is! It’s a good thing to do when I come home late at night and want to make art, but am too tired. I’m still making art, but its not a big commitment, and its ok if it doesn’t turn out great! Even the ugly scraps couldContinue reading “More collage fodder and experimentations!”

Art Process: Swift Change, Blue Break, and Collage Fodder Madness.

Art making mania: Well, I seem to be on a roll with the art-making. I’m just in art obsessed mode. I never run out of ideas or new things I want to try! I’ve been watching a lot of you tube videos on art making. This past week I have watched mixed media techniques, howContinue reading “Art Process: Swift Change, Blue Break, and Collage Fodder Madness.”

Faux Rice Paper

I learned a new technique to make faux rice paper. It’s pretty cool. This is my first ever attempt to make it!! It can be used as a journal cover or as collage fodder that you incorporate into a different art piece. It’s made with a mixture of Elmer’s glue and water (half and half)Continue reading “Faux Rice Paper”