Art Process: When Disaster Shows Promise and When Promise Turns to Disaster

This (above) is my disaster that ended up showing promise. I was working on something else in the art studio today. This was just an afterthought. It was beckoning me somehow. I dont work on it often, and lately, it seems I only add a bit here or there after I get done with somethingContinue reading “Art Process: When Disaster Shows Promise and When Promise Turns to Disaster”

Faith through the Trial

This painting, called Faith through the Trial, is an alcohol ink painting with gold and white painter pens added for embellishments. I made it between December 25th and 26th, finishing on December 26th. I decided to call it “Faith through the Trial” because on the 26th, the day I spent the most time making it,Continue reading “Faith through the Trial”

Alcohol ink frenzy

I decided that I’m going to concentrate on making a collection of alcohol inks to be sold on Etsy. This medium is less labor intensive for me compared to my typical mixed media art, and it may also be more profitable. It will also be easier to organize and keep track of. I’ve already boughtContinue reading “Alcohol ink frenzy”

Autumn Dreams

this was created on October 9, 2022. Its made on 12×12 yupo paper. The original is more red in color. I thought the photograph was a bit blurry, plus it was not taken in great light. The scan however, changed the colors completely. In this 3rd one, I tried to edit the scan to getContinue reading “Autumn Dreams”

Safe in the Storm

I made this one in preparation for my next PTSD workshop which will occur on Sept 24th. It’s made of alcohol inks. Drawing is not my strong point, but I just went for it. I do need to get better at these types of things and more confident. Normally, I labor over something like this,Continue reading “Safe in the Storm”

Cherry Blossom Fantasies

I’m still trying to recover from Covid. I hope to be able to return to work tomorrow. My alcohol ink paper came in the mail today so I thought I would play with my alcohol inks. I’m not sure I’m satisfied with this, yet, but I didn’t want to overwork it. The inspiration for thisContinue reading “Cherry Blossom Fantasies”