Art process, more layers: Golden Healing, Part 3

Well, I thought of a name for this painting I’ve been working on since Weds. It seems odd to keep posting art updates for an art piece that doesn’t have a title yet. A theme is emerging, so I was able to come up with a name for this art piece: Golden Healing. I’ve since updated my blog titles describing this in earlier stages.

That was totally unplanned. I circled them in gold. What’s interesting is that I created the art in response to feelings associated with my sexual trauma while in the military, which you can read about here in Part 1 explaining the start of my Golden Healing painting.  You can also go here for the next part of my Golden Healing painting process,  Part 2.

I wasn’t actually having any flashbacks, but I was having some feelings, and I did think about it that day. I was asking questions about the process of trying to get military disability. You don’t have to be 100% disabled to get it, and you can still work. You can get a partial disability, like even 10%.

So I found it really interesting that the theme emerged on its own…well, God has a way of surprising me. I never noticed that word before on the art paper I have with butterflies, French writing, and other writing in English. I just liked the way it looked. Then, I felt urged to create lots of gold to represent the healing process, thinking of how the Japanese mend their broken pottery, a technique called kintsugi. I often thought of golden rain coming from heaven, too, and I surprisingly found some on some washi tape I had so I added that.

The purple washi tape with the golden rain.

So today, I started off by adding oil pastels, which I melted with a heat gun. I was trying to lighten up some of those dark areas of the pours.  Then, I put another layer of self leveling gel. I let it dry. Then I went back, hours later, and added embellishments before adding another layer of self-leveling gel. I added some gold marks with a painters pen; some clear glittery fabric glue; ribbons; washi tape; more beads; sequins; yarns, flowers; some kind jewelry pendant I found; a heart punched out on fiber paper which I traced gold around;  more oil pastels (melted); some stamps of flowers, a bird, and writing; just a few more decorative fiber papers in gold and white; some gold rubbing transfers of dandelion seeds; and a few fancy papers punched with decorative hole punches.

Here is a gallery of some close ups before I added the self-leveling gel.

Here are a few video close ups.

I’m just very much in a gold phase right now with my art as God keeps speaking to me about healing, any kind, but specifically inner healing. God wants to heal us in the new era we are in. It’s a process we have to cooperate with.

God directed me to do one more thing with this Golden Rain art piece, which was to put the heart on the map (to the top right.)  God was just nudging me about how much He loves everyone in the world, and wants everyone to come to know Him and His awesome, healing love, and power.  I wasn’t sure if he was telling me if He was going to be sending me out to travel to different regions. I sense that, but I have to pray more into it.

This art piece was supposed to be a background to paint on live at the River Room on the 17th, with the Women of Worship event, but it feels almost done. Theres so many pretty areas I might not want to cover up. I can always take “Restoration,” though, or else just do more details on my Golden Healing painting. I will probably put clear gesso on it so I can use different pens on it to create the fine details and then add another coat of self- leveling gel. I need to pray about if there should be a focal point and, if so, what is it?

Update: It’s the next morning. I did pray. I noticed there’s more marks and lines on the painting that looked like rain. I know part of the modeling paste sections made from stencils look like rain, and I think some parts look like rain in the decorative papers that I used.  I could emphasize those by coloring them gold, then put a tiny character at the bottom, submitting to the healing process. She would probably be lying down. I had an encounter with God once in February 2006 like this, where he showed me the healing rain as golden drops. I created an earlier oil pastel and digital version of this.

Healing Rain, 2006

This is how my Golden Healing Painting looks (below) this morning on 12.12.22 outside in the bright, natural light.

Golden Healing as of 12.12.22  (still not done.)

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