Storm and Shift Coming

Prophetic dream, November 11, 2019: Tornado followed by crisis, major shifting, and God’s people working in unity to solve the crisis.

I will post the dream first then any insights I have about it. If you get any additional revelation feel free to post.

The dream which occurred on November 11, 2019:

My daughter and I were in our house, putting the kids to bed. I was putting my granddaughter, age 6, to bed, while my daughter was putting an older teenage daughter to bed (whom doesn’t exist in real life). While we were putting the kids to bed, suddenly there was a big clatter. To our surprise, the house lifted off the ground and started spinning and spinning as if it was in a tornado. It was lifting higher and higher above the earth, like an airplane. The view was beautiful because it was at night and there were lots of lights, but I was scared because the house was spinning, and I didnt know what was happening or why. I knew eventually the house would land and that’s what scared me most of all. I was afraid it would come crashing down and we would die. Nonetheless, it was kind of thrilling and exciting to be above the earth experiencing this beautiful view. My emotions were very mixed, but despite my fear, I had a peace about me. This whole occurence seemed very supernatural. The turbulance eventually slowed the house’s spinning. The house gradually came lower and lower to the ground. It actually ended up landing very gently. It landed not too far away from where it originally occurred, but it was shifted further away between 1-5 miles. It was as if everything had shifted! I became aware that we were now in a different landscape and even a different season. The whole world seemed different! It seemed there was a crisis, like a huge, end time crisis, maybe even a war. The dream didnt make clear what the crisis was just that it was of a huge magnitude. There were several appointed leaders and people were assigned to different leaders. Everyone was sitting in their lawns in front of their houses. Everyone was talking and interacting. There was a real sense of community, excitement, but also urgency. There were some neighbors who didnt get along and had conflict with one another, but they were trying to talk it out and resolve their differences. It’s almost as if the current crisis demanded it. I stood in line under my leader waiting to get money for supplies. The leaders handed out envelopes with money in them, but each person received a different amount based on what they had already accomplished and on their merits and character. We were to buy supplies and resources with it and use it towards the mission. The dream did not make it clear, what the mission was, but everyone was working together in unity during this time of crisis which is the only way the crisis could be effectively resolved and addressed. I was surprised to see much more money in my envelop than what I expected. It seemed that I had more than many others. There were thick wads of 20’s, 50’s, 100’s etc. I was just starting to count it when I woke up. I just couldn’t believe it. I hadnt thought that I had accomplished that much or even had any particularly notable character.

Interpretation: Although parts of this dream seem very personal, I cant help but notice the parallels between what is going on today and what occurred in my dream, starting with the house spinning in a tornado just like the tornados in Nashville. Secondly, there was a major crisis just like the crisis facing us today with the Coronavirus. In the dream the tornado came first and then the crisis just like it has in real life. I think the dream points out that a spiritual shifting has occurred. What’s also interesting is the clash between fear and excitement. During the scariest portion of the dream with the house spinning out of control, there was God’s peace, there was His beauty. I had to choose: do I want to be scared that I could die or did I want to enjoy the ride and scenery and trust that God would land the house safely? Just like we have a choice about whether or not we want to live in fear or trust God to help us weather this storm of the Coronavirus safely. Ultimately, the house landed gently and we remained all ok. My entire household survived and was safe.

The next part of the dream is harder to understand in relation to today since we have not seen it happen yet. Clearly, there was a supernatural shift. The entire earth had changed. There was a new government or lack of government, not sure…perhaps martial law, but God’s church and end time army was being deployed. We each had an assignment and together we were working on a mission. What was clear was the task at hand required us to work together in unity. There was absolutely no room for conflict or arguments and the success of the mission was dependent on our ability to work together. Also, there was a certain order and hierarchy about it. But what was noteworthy was that despite this intense crisis, the people had a real sense of community, joy, and peace. Its like the forces of light and darkness were colliding. The darkness was causing the crisis and the fear, but the lights of Gods Kingdom (His people) were pulling together to combat the darkness and there was joy and peace present just doing that. That was the most remarkable part of the dream is how there could be such joy and community in the face of such a crisis. I think of revival, the cusp of revival that we seem to be in, occuring in this backdrop of world calamity. The enemy may try to unleash fear and chaos, but God is unleashing His unfathomable goodness, and there is no reason to be afraid. He has all the resources, and He has already planned things well in advance. He knows exactly what to do, but we must take our rightful places. We must get our orders and assignments. We must be willing to work with others and submit to the authority God places us under. God is handing out supplies, giftings, and resources. However, God does not have the same measuring stick or criteria as we do. He does not see us as we see ourselves. Those who are prideful may not get as much as they expected, but those who are lowly and humble might be pleasantly surprised.

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