The Russolo

The Russolo, mixed media, o5.03.22

The Russolo, 8×10 inch mixed media, created May 3, 2020.

I finished this piece up yesterday. This morning I woke up with the words, “The Russolo.” I had never heard that name before that I can remember, so I looked it up.

According to Wikipedia, this is what I discovered:

Luigi Carlo Filippo Russolo (30 April 1885 – 6 February 1947) was an Italian Futurist painter, composer, builder of experimental musical instruments, and the author of the manifesto The Art of Noises (1913).[1] He is often regarded as one of the first noise music experimental composers with his performances of noise music concerts in 1913–14 and then again after World War I, notably in Paris in 1921.[2] He designed and constructed a number of noise-generating devices called Intonarumori.

I asked God about this more, and I heard, “I am releasing a new sound.” I had the feeling that this new sound would be released through music and art…or at least this would be how some of the new sound is released. Then I realized my painting that I made was a combination of art and musical notes. The butterflies seem to represent the transformation that takes place through painful circumstances and struggle (as the butterfly fights against the confinenent of the cacoon.) However, the butterfly emerges even stronger, more beautiful, and with a new found freedom. I sense we will emerge from our struggles (especially due to this pandemic, but other struggles as well) feeling stronger and more resilient and more full of God’s glory just like the radiant butterfly. But we will also emerge much freer! God is using this time to restructure things, shift things, and realign things, including within ourselves. I sense He is bringing deliverance and healing with the new sound that comes forth. Also, the flowers seem to symbolize new growth coming in all kinds of different directions.

Does anybody else have anything to add to this that you notice or feel the Lord is saying? 

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God-lover, artist, writer, art therapist, dreamer, minister. I see life as an adventure of overcoming and bringing light to dark places. I have overcome extensive trauma and sexual abuse and now I share my testimony and teach/preach what God has to say about the recovery process through both logos and rhema words. I love nature, dancing, worship, and all creative expressions. I have a heart to see families restored, curses reversed, and generational blessings released.

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